Thursday, March 2, 2017

College Greenlight Marathon gets some ATS traffic

Will Hemphill submitted this photo from
visit to UC Berkeley
On February 25th, some ATS students invested  precious Saturday hours to explore colleges and search for scholarships during the College Greenlight Marathon.  Just by participating, students were eligible for hourly raffles to earn up to $100 in gift cards and qualify for a $1,000 scholarship by uploading photos of completed scholarship applications and visits to college campuses or college fairs, an updated college list, or a college application. We identified the ten most active ATS participants and awarded them $10 Starbucks cards. We like to reward resourcefulness!

All ATS students are urged to set up a profile at College Greenlight and avail themselves of the many tools and resources for college exploration and scholarship applications. Indicate you are a member of Sonoma State Academic Talent Search program to gain access to their free resources.

Lexy Bateman and Dahlia Viramontes entered
 a photo from their visit to UCLA.

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