Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Banana Slugs and Basketball

David Vinas
Submitted by David Vinas, ATS Outreach Advisor  

On February 4th, ATS 9th grade students had the opportunity to visit UC Santa Cruz. We received a campus tour from one of our ATS alumni, Sebastian Timpe. During our tour, students were completed a scavenger hunt worksheet filled with questions about the college.

ATS alumni Sebastian Timpe, Mireya Robles, Fernanda Diaz

Later we gathered at the Student Union Center where a group of UCSC students formed a panel to answer students’ questions.  Mireya Robles and Fernanda Diaz, both ATS alumni, participated in this student panel. Our students were engaged during the student panel and asked important questions regarding the university and the college life. Once the student panel was over, students checked out the bookstore to purchase UCSC souvenirs. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious all-you-can-eat meal at the Stevenson/Cowell Dining Hall on campus.

To finalize our day, we attended the UCSC women's basketball game at the Kaiser Permanente Arena. One of the fascinating things about this arena is that it is also the home to the Santa Cruz Warriors who play in the NBA Development League. In addition, this arena hosts all basketball games for UCSC. This impressive arena has an approximate capacity of 3,200. One of the highlights during the game was that we were greeted by the announcer through the microphone, “Welcome Academic Talent Search from Sonoma County!” The students were excited to hear their program be recognized. Just when we thought that was enough, one of our students, Alex was selected to participate in a trivia contest during the halftime show to commemorate the band The Grateful Dead. Fortunately, he survived a brutal question and got the answer correct. Our program could not be happier for him. In the end, our day was long, but the students enjoyed a well-deserved field trip.
Alex Dominguez won a prize during the trivia competition!

More photos will be posted on the ATS Members Facebook page.

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